Bring The Touch Of Aloha Into Your Life

What is Lomi Lomi ?

Lomi lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage. 

It will translate to “rub rub” in Hawaiian. 

Lomi lomi is not just a physical experience; it also effects heeling on the mental, 

emotional and your breath as well. This Lomi lomi massage will stimulate your mind, 

body and soul to melt your tension away. 

Therefore, Lomi lomi will lead you to take deep breath and relax.

Lomi Lomi menu


LomiLomi 30mins ¥3,000

The half of the LomiLomi massage with Oil treatment

◎Back / Neck / Shoulders / Hands / Arms


◎Foot / Legs / Hip

Add Foot Scrub ¥500

LomiLomi 60mins ¥7,000

◎The full body massage with Oil treatment

Add Foot Scrub ¥500

LomiLomi 90mins ¥9,000

◎The Full body + Facial lomi

This Facial lomi experience is enhanced with the Pohaku cold stone. 

"The Apricot kernel oil for Facial lomi"

                                                                                    (Oil Treatment)

Add Foot Scrub ¥500


Hand menu

Arms & Hands Lomilomi 15mins ¥1000

◎Arms / Hands

(Oil Treatment)

Add Foot Scrub ¥500